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The World Atlas of Sport

Who plays what, where and why

This beautifully designed atlas profiles the world’s major competitive sports, from American football to Sumo wrestling.

Alan Tomlinson paints the big picture of sport, combining in-depth commentary on significant sporting moments with revealing analysis of the global business that sport represents—the commercial sponsorship that underpins it, the million dollar gains to be made from it, and the successes and failures of its celebrity superstars.

Topics include: Olympics ● Paralympics ● Gay Games ● drug abuse ● sports for development ● media coverage ● sponsorship ● merchandising ● spectators ● gambling ● tourism

Packed with facts, figures and infographics, this fascinating book is an indispensable resource as well as essential reading for all sports fans.

Alan Tomlinson

is Professor of Leisure Studies and Director of Research in the Research & Graduate College of Sport, Chelsea School, University of Brighton, UK. He is the author of numerous books on sport, leisure and consumption, including Sport and Leisure Cultures and A Dictionary of Sport Studies, and has written on sport cultures and politics for the Financial Times, New Statesman, When Saturday Comes, and Der Taggesspiegel.

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David Croft, BBC Radio London

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

UK edition

Co-published with The New Internationalist
RRP £ 14.99 pbk
144 pages • 189 x 245mm
ISBN 978-0-9565599-2-0

US edition: University of California Press

Japanese edition