The Kennedy Moment

£14.99 Recommend

Peter Adamson’s new novel is a compelling and convincing political thriller about five professionals at the top of their careers who hatch an ‘unthinkable’ plot to blackmail the government of the United States.

Moving between Oxford, New York, Washington, Geneva and Côte d’Ivoire, The Kennedy Moment is story of ordinary people from different countries drawn into a global conspiracy.

Out of their forgotten ideals and mid-life frustrations comes the audacious idea. Suggested in the first instance as a joke, it is a joke that none of them can forget. At a second get-together, this time in New York, they devise their plan. The aim is a great humanitarian advance; but the method is fraught with risk.

Driving the plot is the conventional, mild-mannered American physician Dr. Michael Lowell who is still in love with one of his co-conspirators, Seema Mir—the serene young woman from Karachi who rejected him twenty years earlier because he was ‘just a little bit too dull’.

This is a gripping thriller about ordinary people caught up in an extraordinary turn of events. It is about having the courage of your convictions – in love as well as in life. The plotting is ingenious and richly informed by an impressive career that has put the author at the heart of international affairs.

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