Nicola Streeten
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Billy Me and You


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Nicola Streeten brings alive the frictions inherent in law, religion and personal feelings around pregnancy with historical and factual details around abortion, and wryly examines sibling relationships and what determines ‘family’.

Jane and her sister Meg are left a letter from their dead mother, telling them about the son she had at sixteen and gave up for adoption.

Her wish is they should find him.

This is the journey of two middle-aged sisters who travel through the USA to meet their ‘new’ half brother. Knowing him to be  an active Pro Lifer, they must prepare for a charged meeting and recognise that, although they share a blood bond, their politics will create an immediate conflict.

Their road trip, which involves various detours, including a  visit to the Amish region, becomes more than geographical. It is a time to reflect on their own assumptions and on the choices they have made, and the choices every woman makes, around pregnancy.


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