If you are considering submitting a manuscript to Myriad, thank you. We accept direct submissions from authors, and also from agents.

Before you submit your manuscript, please take a few minutes to explore this website and read about the other books we’ve published to ensure that yours fits with the style and themes of our list.

We publish no more than ten books per year. This means we have to be very selective. We want each book to be excellent and original, to open readers’ eyes to new experiences and new ways of seeing or understanding the world.

Our novels are mainly contemporary and historical literary fiction. We also publish crime, especially psychological and political thrillers that feature strong women.

Our graphic books encompass a diverse selection of viewpoints and frequently express unconventional and controversial opinions. They span a variety of genres including memoir, Graphic Medicine, documentary comics and fiction.

We do not publish any of the following: young adult fiction, horror, science fiction, fantasy, short stories or poetry. Nor do we reissue books that have been previously published or self-published (in print or as ebooks).

How to submit
If you feel your book might suit our list, please tell us why by email ( and attach a synopsis as well as either the complete manuscript of your novel as a Word doc. or, for a graphic book, a sample PDF (no larger than 10MB) and a link to the complete work.

We do not accept paper submissions and cannot return any materials posted to us.

If we decide that your submission is not suitable for Myriad, please remember that this is not necessarily a reflection on the quality or potential of your work but simply about its suitability for our list. We regret that we are no longer able to offer feedback on manuscripts if you are unsuccessful.